What's 51 Labs

What's 51 Labs?

With over 3 million organic views and counting on LinkedIn, 51 Labs is disrupting the M&A market through the use of videography and content creation. In a market that longs for authenticity, 51 Labs helps strengthen your brand and tell your story. From concept to distribution, we strategize and produce thoughtful content to be used across a multitude of channels, to help you stand out in an otherwise traditionally boring market.

Our Why

We rarely spent quality time together and had to make a change.
The best hours during the day, most days during the week, were spent AWAY from the person we cared most about.
What if we could create together?
What if we could build a business together?
What if we could share more of the ups & downs together?
“Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans helped us think through a better path.
Life is precious.
We want to live a life by design.

51/49 – Always give more than you receive


Labs – Always Experimenting

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