IMB Partners

Project scope

  • Video (Firm, Fundraising, LinkedIn)
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Webinar

Project highlight

Fundraising video won first place at convention, made new connections to Limited Partners, also helped firm discover their brand as they transitioned from Independent Sponsor to funded firm.

To kick off their transition from an independent sponsor to a funded private equity firm, IMB Partners attended a conference at which they were allowed a 10 minute video to pitch their firm to potential investors. 51 Labs put together a comprehensive video detailing not only the facts, figures, and returns that would bring limited partners to invest, but more importantly the emotional why and story of the firm. The 51 Labs + IMB Partners video went on to be awarded 1st Place at the convention and helped lay the foundation for this soon-to-be Fund I private equity firm.

Client Background

A private investment firm founded in 2010, IMB Partners leverages their unique networks, capital resources, operational expertise and distinctive knowledge of electric & gas utility and government contracting suppliers to complete the strength of their partner companies and to deliver new profitable and sustainable revenue.
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