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Project scope

Annual Meeting

Project highlight

Now back for round two, EIV Capital came to us for their first virtual annual meeting experience in 2020. At a time when no one knew the rules for an annual meeting hosted on Zoom, 51 Labs tackled the challenge head on and produced a 90 minute hybrid (pre-recorded and live), high-graphic, and interactive presentation that stood out among the crowd. With one home run under our belt, EIV Capital has returned for their second virtual annual meeting–this time with 4K video, in-person shoots, and on-site hosting.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, patience and attention to detail to help make our first virtual AGM so successful!  We appreciated all your help and your professionalism (particularly with last minute changes from me) to get us through a new (and terrifying) experience!” – Patty Melcher, Managing Partner, EIV Capital

Client background

EIV Capital is a private equity firm based in Houston, Texas, specializing in the energy industry. EIV focuses on the midstream and downstream segments of the market.

EIV Capital is an investor-centric private equity firm, with diverse team experience. They provide valuable, practical solutions and advice based on our operational and financial experience and aim to be a true partner to all stakeholders.
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